Meet The Reviewers


Jake Thomas Pandermann

Shivam is nothing short of brilliant when it came to assisting me around Kolkata. He knows the area very well. He had great...(Read More)

Shivam has an amazing knowledge of Kolkata and what a photographer is uniquely looking for. I not only use Shivam...(Read More)

George Vourlidis

Shivam was recommended to me through a mutual photographer friend. I had two days to spend in Kolkata on my own, and I needed the... (Read More)

I have been on a few tours with Shivam in the last couple of years. Every time I go out shooting in a group with him, I’m struck by a mixture of ... (Read More)

Jesse Sanderson

Shivam's photography allows me to be transported back to the city of Kolkata through the eyes of the camera lens, to relive the vibrant beauty that makes Kolkata famous... (Read More)

I arranged a customised photography tour with Shivam in Kolkata with the specific goal of capturing some great ...(Read More)

Lorenz Lazzati

I had the pleasure to work with Shivam for a week during a project I was doing in Kolkata. He was able to get me into places...(Read More)

Ann Luttinger

I have booked a half day photo tour with Shivam, to explore one of the market areas of Kolkata.I liked the little streets we took and the places he showed...(Read More)

Sebastian Suki Belaustegui @photosooky

Last November 2018 I run a photography Workshop in Calcutta and I was very lucky to found my new amazing friend Shivam Pandey. I hire...(Read More)

Jim Birken

We spent the day touring with Shivam around Kolkata it was a wonderful experience. We thank him and we really recommend it to anyone who is visiting Kolkata.

Tanner Lee

Shivam is a true photographer and knows what fellow image creators want in a tour. He understands where the light falls and will show you things you ...(Read More)