It is one thing to photograph people. It is
another to make others care about them by
revealing core of their

- Paul Strand

My name is Shivam Pandey and I’m a photographer, presently residing in Kolkata, one of the most beautiful cities in India which itself being one of the most colourful countries in the world.

A young blood with some serious interest in exploration, navigating through place to place, embracing the native culture and cherishing the originality of some special lives.

My whole life has been, doing what my heart told me to do, choosing what suited best for my amusement. I was raised in a orthodox society where following your heart was not considered a good option for a healthy future.

But I always allowed my heart and intuitions to guide me and choosing a life out of photography was one of it. I never had any professional training in photography but was pretty fortunate to work under some real professionals.

My goal with photography is to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of people. I focus on non-models and place regular people in exaggerated situations that highlight an aspect of who they are. I look for a sense of defiance and fortitude in my work. I provide assistance and tours of this lovely city to people intrested in visiting Kolkata and where to hear it best rather than from one of its biggest lover. So hoping to see you soon.